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The Simple Guide To Tea

A simple introduction to the world of tea. Starting with a look into the history of tea and the different types of tea. White, Black, Green, Oolong and Tisanes. The tea process is fascinating and we go through the basics involved. Tea has many health benefits and we explain some of the main ones with supporting research. Everyone enjoys there tea differently but we still have a general guide to preparation, you may make your tea taste even better. We also have some information on caffeine, loose or bags and storage requirements. The guide is complimented with some beautiful photographs and recipes to enhance your tea experience. Finally we have some recipes you can try to make even better use of those wonderful leaves. Sit back, relax and enjoy your tea.

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About The Author

Chris has been drinking tea for many years but only recently discovered the good quality and different varieties of tea available. The fascination of the many varieties encouraged Chris to start his own tea business, which he has been running for four years now. Tea is becoming more popular with an ever increasing amount of tea rooms opening all over the country. Having visited China and Taiwan, to expand his knowledge of tea and gained some precious memories of people directly involved with the tea industry. Tea has so many varieties and can be made in several different ways. Chris wants to share his knowledge with people so they can discover the benefits of this wonderful beverage.