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The James Bond Movie Guide

James Bond is a movie icon. His status as the world's preeminent spy has been unchallenged for nearly fifty years. The films span several generations. Fans include both young and old, Western and Eastern, male and female, spy aficionados and just casual viewers. While the Cold War has come and gone, this super spy has lived the test of time. The James Bond series has entertained us with its wit, pulse-pounding action, gorgeous women, exotic locales, sleek cars, and imaginative gadgets. The formula is tested and it works almost every time, partially thanks to the actors that make Bond their own. It's a franchise that honors its traditions, yet is not afraid to adapt to the times.

The James Bond Movie Guide is the ultimate source for this renowned movie franchise. With a collection of reviews and summaries for the 22 films, you will learn about each in detail and without fear of spoilers. A list of facts and cast for each film is included, along with series-wide facts, trivia, figures, and charts. Adding to the value are reviews for James Bond video games dating back to GoldenEye, some of the best Bond quotes from each film, as well as a list of the top 10 greatest James Bond theme songs.

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The James Bond Movie Guide

About The Author - Kyle Bell

Kyle W. Bell is a Political Science Major at Indiana University South Bend. He calls South Bend, Indiana his home, where he was born and raised. He has always been an avid writer, perhaps explaining why he owns and manages three separate websites, each of them dedicated to different subjects. At the tender age of twenty-two, Kyle likes to think that his youth gives him the freedom to write openly and refrain from being overly cynical. Most of his writing deals with current events, video games and politics.

Kyle's main interests include writing, reading books, working on his websites, keeping tabs on the news, watching sports and being with both friends and family. In 2003, he founded the video game news and review website Game Freaks 365. His interest in politics drove him to create KyleBell.com in 2007, a political blog meant to generate ideas and debate on policy, as well as current events. In March 2008, he founded a third website, Movie Freaks 365.

Writing allowed Kyle to pursue academic opportunities. He is the recipient of the Indiana Black Expo's Martin Luther King Junior Award. It was won in an essay contest in 2002 writing about the perils of racial profiling in the wake of 9/11. The following year he was awarded with the Presidential Award for excellence in education. It was announced in 2011 that his writing on sports development would be included in Indiana University South Bend's Undergraduate Research Journal.

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