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Guide To Intellectual Property

I am an Adjunct Professor and teach a survey business law course on the United States Intellectual Property System. I have found that very few people understand even the basics of our system. What's a patent? What's a copyright? What's a trade secret? What's a trademark? What about the international situation? When I taught my classes my students got lost and overwhelmed by all the complexities and jargon. When I talk to small businessmen, managers, corporate businessmen, corporate executives, authors, inventors, international businessmen, musicians, film makers, educators, entrepreneurs, and even engineers they usually don't have a clue about any of this, yet their future depends on it. Perhaps you are in a foreign country and wish to do business in the United States. I designed this book for the person who knows absolutely nothing about our system. It's based on my experience in the classroom on how best to present this information to an audience starting from ground zero. I have taken the complex material down from the mountaintop and creatively simplified it into easy to understand bite sized pieces, using easy to follow real world examples to illustrate key points. I deliberately kept this book short; less overwhelming that way. Are you a student, small businessman, educator, entrepreneur, inventor, international businessman, author, musician, film maker, manager, corporate businessman, corporate executive or even an engineer? Are you in a foreign country and wish to do business here in the United States? You want to learn about our system, yet don't know where to begin? Is what you are currently looking at overwhelming, confusing, and complex? Feeling frustrated? Stop worrying. Creative. Simple. Easy. Classroom tested. Best of all, my book is available in the most popular formats so it works on most devices.

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A Guide to Intellectual Property

About The Author - Tim Yearneau

I have been a semiconductor chip engineer, an importer, retailer, and marketeer, a computer consultant, a teacher, and an adjunct professor. I believe variety is the spice of life. I love to travel and have been to many places in this world, the latest of which are Australia, Singapore, and Australia. In the future I hope to visit many more places. I like to bike, play chess, play board games, and watch movies. This is my first book, which based on a class I taught as an adjunct professor. On another note, I entered the nanowrimo.com writing challenge in November 2010. It isn't a contest, it is a challenge. The Goal: In the month of November, starting November 1st and ending November 30th, to write a 50,000 rough draft of a novel. I ended up with 64,000 words and the month flew by at light speed. Well, that is all for now.

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