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The Simple Guide To Coffee

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The Simple Guide to Coffee is a short easy to read guide to one of the world’s favourite beverages. The guide looks at where coffee comes from, how it is harvested and processed and most importantly how to make your cup of coffee taste wonderful. We start our story by looking at the two main types of bean, Arabica and Robusta, where do they come from, what are the differences and how are the different characteristics used in different types of coffee. Harvesting and processing the beans is a very important step in getting the bean from the field to your cup. How is it done, what is the difference between the dry and wet method? Now we have our beans we need to force a chemical reaction so they release their beautiful flavours, this is done by roasting the beans; there are a couple of methods we will share with you. All of this information will help you choose the right coffee for you, so far you have had to rely on others to get the best quality bean to your home, it is now your turn to take charge. How are you going to prepare your coffee, filter method, plunger, Espresso or Cappuccino? Your personal situation and taste will determine the best method for you. Finally, some of the most critical decisions you have to make, how much coffee, what temperature of water to use and should it be filtered and how long do you steep. We give you some guidelines but the real secret is to experiment a little until you find the right combination for you. Drinking coffee can be as simple as using instant to striving for perfection with the top of the range machine. Your guide will teach you about coffee and its process so you can make the perfect cup for you. Several links are also provided to further expand your knowledge. Enjoy your coffee.


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