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The Business of Media: A Survival Guide

The business models of online content companies (news, information, blogs, and other media) are confounding to those on both sides of editorial/business divide. Thankfully, The Business of Media offers a comprehensive and utterly unambiguous explanation of how online content businesses--from small newsletters to The New York Times --generate revenue and contend with the demand forces at play in this rapidly changing industry. Author Larry Dignan, Editor in Chief of ZDNet and SmartPlanet, applies his 15 years of web-content experience to a range of topics with clarity and a ranting, intelligent indignation. He's angry that schools aren't teaching these subjects, and he wants you to avoid the pitfalls and see the opportunities on the road ahead. -- Paul Diamond

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The Business of Media: A Survival Guide (Kindle Single)


So you want to be a journalist. But do you know how to succeed? In an age of tremendous upheaval in publishing, writers and editors need to understand how their business works—and what it takes to survive in the media industry. This e-book is quick tour through all the things you never learned at journalism school. In it, you'll find ideas about business models and the key pillars that are being mixed an matched into new entrepreneurial ones online. Whether you're a journalism student who's looking for answers or a practicing editorial staffer who needs new ones, this guide gives you the business acumen you need to stay savvy and employed. (31 pages)

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