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A Simple Guide to Making Your Anniversary or Birthday Book

This book is short, simple and easy to follow. It covers the subject matter that you'll want to include in your book. It also provides a sample book with expanded topics and many pictures. Follow the suggestions or simply use them to develop your own ideas. Here's everything you need to know to make an anniversary or birthday book. A great reference tool for anyone wanting to celebrate a special milestone. There's no right or wrong way to go about doing this projects. Don't limit yourself to the topics in this book. Add your own. Embellish. Have fun. Showcase your own life and memories or those of your family and friends. Now it's your turn, and here's your guidebook.

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A Simple Guide to Making Your Anniversary or Birthday Book

About The Author

Phyllis Porter Dolislager is the author of eight books. She is a writing consultant and gives writing workshops encouraging others to write about significant birthdays, anniversaries, and family memories. Lessons Learned on the Farm, a family memoir, is her best-selling book. She and her husband split their time between Tennessee and Florida.

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