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A Guide to Using Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT enables you to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs from trauma to abuse, fear, phobia's and a whole lot more. This Guide provides a complete overview of how to perform the Shortened Version of EFT, it comes complete with photo images and full descriptions. The Guide ends with Two Full Length Scripts which you can use in your own life.

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A Guide to Using Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT

About The Author - Joe Williams

I have been on a personal development mission for almost 20 years, occasionally taking several steps forward and some backwards. Being an Australian I am very loyal to this great country. My long term goal is to spend time traveling this vast country whilst delivering seminars and offering services to those in outback communities which are usually long forgotten about. I have what many call a disillusioned goal of stepping foot in every national park on this con tenant. I regularly spend time sitting and walking in nature, I usually do this alone as the rest of my family don't share my love of the forests, but being able to sit and listen without any interruption is the way I like it..

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